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Tim Ferris and his site - Books, blog and podcast (Why I included it: This is one of my favorite online resources full stop. I have personally benefitted hugely from his books and also his free online resources, especially his podcast. In my opinion the best episode to start with is one in which Tim himself is being interviewed.)



Training and nutrition

Danny Lennon and his site - Blog plus podcast about nutrition (Why I included it: I know Danny personally and hugely respect his scientific integrity and constant desire to learn. As such his blog and podcast are my favorite resources for nutrition information. The fact he gets world class guests on his show is a bonus).  

The Muscle and Strength Pyramids Books on manipulating body composition by Eric Helms, Andrea Valdez, and Andy Morgan (Why I included it: This is in my opinion an, if not the, industry standard resource for teaching people how to build muscle and lose fat. This is important because excessive fat and inadequate muscle is a large driver for non-communicable illness and poor quality of life in the modern world. These books also beautifully blend scientific principles with practical application.)




Marcus Aurelius - Book: Meditations (Why I included it: This is without a doubt one of the greatest books ever written. It presents the private thoughts of a highly-intelligent and self-aware man who was at the time of writing the most powerful person on the planet)

Miyamoto Musashi - Book: The Book of Five Rings (Why I included it: Musashi lived a life of relentless self improvement based around fighting people to the death in sword fights. This man knew a thing or two about skill acquisition and mindset and he outlined this knowledge in his final work with a lot of the lessons overlapping with elements of Stoicism) 

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essay: Self Reliance (Why I included it: Emerson has a plethora of fantastic resources throughout his works but the essay Self Reliance is my personal favorite and the one which I have thus far gained the most from.)

Daily Stoic - (Why I included it: This site offers a fantastic introduction to the world of Stoicism that is very well written and very easily digestible)



Mixed Mental Arts Podcast and online community (Why I included it: I have been listening to this podcast for what may be 4+ years since back when it was called The Bryan Callen Show. This podcast is unlike anything else I have encountered and regularly interviews some of the greatest minds on this planet on the most important topics imaginable.) 

Sam Harris and his site - Books, blog and podcast (Why I included it: While I do not agree with everything he says, Harris is one of the most articulate and thought provoking thinkers I have ever had the pleasure of reading, hearing, or viewing content from. I especially enjoy his podcast episodes in which he has discourse with guests of differing viewpoints such as Episode 31 with Jonathan Haidt

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
(Why I included it: This was the first podcast I ever listened to about 4 years ago and will be continuing to listen to it as long as he keeps making them. I like the way Joe himself thinks but my favorite aspect of this podcast is the huge variety of guests he gets. He interviews scientists, comedians, artists and people from a whole host of other fields that have nothing in common with each other than the fact that Joe wished to talk to them. This variety exposes me to aspects of culture, viewpoints, and knowledge that I otherwise may never have come across or learned about.)

Tait Fletcher and his podcast Pirate Life Radio (Why I included it: Tait is simply a badass. He is a former felon turned pro fighter turned successful business man. I absolutely love his outlook on life and find him to be a rediculously inspirational character.)

John "Jocko" Willink - Book and podcast (Why I included it: Jocko is an extremely interesting and successful character. He is an accomplished author, high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, educator to the corporate world on leadership principles, and most impressively in my eyes, a long time Navy Seal commander. While his podcast is largely based around leadership principles, my favorite aspect of it is the exposure to some of the most horrible shit possible to experience as a human in the form of the reading and post mortem discussion of book exerts that are usually about war. The reason I like this aspect is the appreciation it gives me for my own good fortune in life. As Jocko himself says, "know the darkness.")



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