Sparring Methodologies: To Spar, or Not To Spar, That is the Question (Part 2)

[IMPORTANT NOTE: As the title implies, this is Part 2 of a series. This piece can be read in isolation but a much better overall picture could be gotten by first reading Part 1 which can be found here. ]

The Dark Side of Hard Sparring

I wasn’t fucking around when I chose the title of this series; “to spar or not to spar, that is the question”.

I did so for a very specific reason. The original line that I was playing off is of course perhaps the most famous line of all of the Shakespearean literature:

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” – Hamlet in Act III Scene I of “Hamlet”

If you have only heard this line in passing over the years and do not know the context in which Hamlet was speaking it, you may not realize how dark a line it is. Hamlet was talking about suicide.

Now at first, this may seem alarmist or dramatic to draw parallels between suicide and hard sparring. However, after learning just how easy the brain is to damage irreparably (read part one to refresh your memory), ask yourself; am I really being overly dramatic?

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