Podcast Appearance: Sigma Nutrition Radio Episode #100

By Ciaran O'Regan

SNR #100

I had a great chat with the very smart and insightful Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition & Performance around this time last year. I had known Danny for a while and have been a fan of his work for years so was quite frankly surprised to have been asked to do this. 

We covered a wide variety of topics on this episode

From the episode description:

"Ciaran is a strength & conditioning coach with an undergraduate degree in Sports & Exercise Science from the University of Limerick. He has worked with elite athletes in various sports such as swimming and rugby, including spending time coaching at Connacht Rugby.

Ciaran’s real passion is combat sports, having won provincial championships in amateur boxing. He is a native of Limerick, Ireland but more recently has been based in Boston, MA.

  • Principles vs. Methods
  • The learning process: Focusing on the process vs. focusing on outcomes
  • Confirmation bias and self-selection of viewpoints
  • Focusing on the minutia of nutrition – missing the forest for the trees
  • Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID)
  • What makes a great coach? – Lessons from Greg Jackson, John Kavanagh & Mark Dellagrotte
  • Musashi’s Book of 5 Rings as an operating system for life
  • Using different training modalities with athletes
  • The importance of not speaking in absolutes in fitness and sports science
  • Personality differences & personality profiling in coaching practice"

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