Don’t Fuck Around

By Ciaran O'Regan

Let’s say you live the “perfect life”.

You set out on a journey to become the best you can be at your field and end up becoming one of the greatest and most influential contributors to that area in all of history. Your name ends up in the same lists as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

You live a life of overcoming obstacles, relentless self-improvement and hard graft. You experience the inevitable failures and problems along the way but you end up accomplishing as much if not more than anyone else ever has and maybe ever will in that field.

Let us also assume you have enjoyed yourself along the way and are totally at peace with what you have done with your life in those last few moments prior to returning your temporarily borrowed carbon to the universe.

Now let’s say your life has been a complete and utter shitshow

You spend your life faffing about and fucking around going in no clear direction with no focus or aim. You work a job to simply facilitate the maintenance of your rudderless existence. You hide yourself away from your seemingly inconsolable and originless frustrations with a dependency or dependencies on some substances (alchohol or drug abuse) or behaviors (reality TV, gambling, lottery tickets, excessive social media use, celebrity gossip, shopping etc).

In the grand scheme of things the aforementioned universe could not give less of a fuck either way what you do with your allotted time.

Whether you live a life consisting of a passionate and driven quest towards self-actualization or whether you live an existence based around production and consumption clouded by self imposed distraction; it doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, should we as a species and culture manage to avoid self destruction, disease, natural disasters, or simply being hit by giant rocks from space and wiped out like the dinosaurs: the sun will still eventually explode like a giant reset button anyway.

We are still fucked.

This however is NOT a bad thing. It is actually a fact that you can use to motivate yourself. Acceptance of the finite nature of everything is about as powerful a stimulus to get off your arse and enjoy yourself as you could find.

While nothing matters in the grand scheme of things, when it comes to what you do with your life; everything matters.

A beautifully eloquent quote I heard somewhere that summarizes this whole philosophy goes as follows:


“I do what is important to me, not because it is important, but because it is important to me.” - Unknown


Realistically, all we can do as individuals is to live a life of passionate pursuit, fervently going after whatever paths excites us the most while simultaneously trying our best to leave the world in a little bit of a better state when we leave than if we had not been born at all. If everyone was to look at life like this I would hazard a bet there would be a lot less unhappiness and negativity. 

Life is too fun to waste time on the negative going in no clear direction. There are too many cool people to meet, too many beautiful places to see, too much delicious food to eat, and too many obstacles to overcome and learn from.


“Suppose that a god announced that you were going to die tomorrow “or the day after”. Unless you were a complete coward you wouldn’t kick up a fuss about which day it was-what difference could it make? Now recognize that the difference between years from now and tomorrow are just as small” – Marcus Aurelius


Now go get it done. Don’t fuck around.


“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” - Confucius


- Ciaran 

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